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The political stance advocating the right of all bros to maintain broship


Criminalizing the termination of brohood after the point of conception.
- Hey dude, why didn't you vote for Barack Obama?
-Well I heard he would try to uphold Bro vs. Wade. And I believe that all Bros have the Right to Brohood. Do you know how many innocent bros are terminated after conception each year!? I am personally Bro Life.
by BRologni-BroBallsMan September 15, 2009
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When a group of men go through their midlife crisis together; a noun or a verb.
Ted started losing his hair right after Barney so they're both in the middle of a brolife now.
by Lara Fraser C- May 30, 2008
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adjective; The idea that a man should actively live for his brothers and compatriots, especially in situations in which females, or bitches, are concerned.
Bret: Yo Mitt, you should totally get with Sasha, her boyfriend is out of town.

Mitt: No man, I am Bro-Life. Imma make sure she gets home safe, then sleep with her best friend.

Keith: I just won 2 tickets to the Rose Bowl. Now who do I take, my girl, or my bro?

Zach: Dude, are you Bro-Life or not? C'mon

Keith: You're right broham, let's pack!
by La cabeza del fuego January 10, 2012
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The belief that if you are born a bro you are a bro for life.
"If you're born a bro you're are a bro for life. I'm bro life! I hate those bro choice people."
by Dick O'Toole February 20, 2014
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To have everything that you wish for in Popularity
Tom- You have a Girlfriend, a Car, a huge group of friends, Man you have the Bro Life Jim
Jim- Thanks Bro!
by Chris Archie January 16, 2015
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A life consisting of dirtbikes, spades, and busted girls. Long socks and dickies are required. Metal Mullisha and SRH only. Worship Brian Deegan. Follow these instructions, and BROlife will be perfect lifestyle for you.
Ryan: BROlife is the only life!
by cheddajack January 29, 2011
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