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It has been speculated that women do not endup in the friend zone as frequently as men. But where they may endup is in the Bro Zone.

Though some consider it a male version of the friend zone; it is widely accepted that the Bro Zone is worse for the poor women stuck in it.

In essence it is when a woman is crowned "one of the guys." She's considered to be part of the dude pack without the sexual tension. Men behave without restraint around the individual; not worrying about what the woman might think or wether they impress her or not. She is accepted and embraced into the pack as an equal. In short, "she's a dude."

Women may endup in the Bro Zone by any of the following: easy going, friendly, social, accepting but also obsession with sports, curses like a sailor, not too attractive, macho like characteristics, butch

Women with mostly male friends are more susceptible to have several Bro Zone's. Also, most women in the Bro Zone do have a love interest they fail to impress because of the Zone. They endup listening to their love interests' girlfriend problems and, at times, his sexual encounters. All culminating with him saying "you're such an awesome friend."
Lyndsey (Girl in Bro Zone)

Guy #1 - "Dude, you shoulda' seen what happened with my girl the other day!"

Guy #2 - "Shhh, you sure you want to say that around Lyndsey?!"

Guy #1 - "Yea man, it's cool, she's like one of the guys!"
by flexomatic July 24, 2009
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the "bro-zone" can be defined as an area in which a girl has entered when befriending a guy. Usually occurring with tomboys and their guy friends, when the male friend acknowledges the girl's actions (assuming that the girl is a tomboy) reffers to her as a "bro" or "another one of the guys". At this point the girl in question has entered the bro-zone. The bro-zone eliminates any possible chance of the friends having any sexual or relationship interest, and renders any chance of escaping the bro-zone hopeless.
Katie: So how was hanging out with Chad and his friends?
Marcy: *sigh* he called me his "buddy"...his "bro"
Katie: ooooo hate to say're permanantly in his bro-zone.
Marcy: ya, and I still like him.
Katie: you might as well give up on him, there's no hope now that you're in the bro-zone.
by The Living Joke August 22, 2009
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Colloquial terminology relating to a house that is populated by alumni of a fraternity where the occupants continue to live a lifestyle associated with fraternity life popularized by such movies as Animal House, National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Revenge of the Nerds, PCU, and Old School. In contrast with other slang terms such as "bachelor pad" and "Baller", which have a positive connotation bordering on ostentatious, such houses are usually rented and tend to be in poor condition, as recent alumni generally lack the financial capabilities to invest in prime real estate.
Concluding my long day at work, I headed back to the Bro Zone hoping for a relaxing evening, only to find my roommates rippin' gravity bongs while watching porno on the big screen.

After going on a week-long bender at the Bro Zone, I checked myself into detox.

"Who's that donkey you were with last night?" "Oh just some skank I met at the Bro Zone last weekend."
by D.U.J.H. January 19, 2007
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The friend zone for guys. If you don't like a gurl romantically, she is put in the brozone. From that point on, she is like a bro to you. Unlike, the friend zone, the bro zone is possible to get out of.
Laura: So do you like Amanda?
Jared: Nah, she's in the brozone.
by Abedlessvictim July 16, 2011
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The same concept of the friend-zone but between two gay boys. You know you have been brozoned when the calls you BFF, bro, bruh, buddy, man, or any other term used to address a friend.
" I'm in love with him but he brozoned me." "That's too bad little bro."
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by AlexIsTransAndKindaGay May 18, 2018
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