The political stance advocating the right of all bros to maintain broship


Criminalizing the termination of brohood after the point of conception.
- Hey dude, why didn't you vote for Barack Obama?
-Well I heard he would try to uphold Bro vs. Wade. And I believe that all Bros have the Right to Brohood. Do you know how many innocent bros are terminated after conception each year!? I am personally Bro Life.
by BRologni-BroBallsMan September 16, 2009
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To have everything that you wish for in Popularity
Tom- You have a Girlfriend, a Car, a huge group of friends, Man you have the Bro Life Jim
Jim- Thanks Bro!
by Chris Archie January 17, 2015
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adjective; The idea that a man should actively live for his brothers and compatriots, especially in situations in which females, or bitches, are concerned.
Bret: Yo Mitt, you should totally get with Sasha, her boyfriend is out of town.

Mitt: No man, I am Bro-Life. Imma make sure she gets home safe, then sleep with her best friend.

Keith: I just won 2 tickets to the Rose Bowl. Now who do I take, my girl, or my bro?

Zach: Dude, are you Bro-Life or not? C'mon

Keith: You're right broham, let's pack!
by La cabeza del fuego January 10, 2012
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The belief that if you are born a bro you are a bro for life.
"If you're born a bro you're are a bro for life. I'm bro life! I hate those bro choice people."
by Dick O'Toole February 20, 2014
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NEVER leaving someone hanging.


On the HiNaBN skype chat, the sign for those who are pure to leave the convo.

Veser (halfway around the world): SURE.


by Shini-Chan August 11, 2010
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Guyz use it when referring to a really good friend that they have been through a lot of shit with. And will alwayz be friends no matter what. Abbreviation: B4L
Yo John. You alwayz there for me. You's my bro 4 life.
by pAtmOthAFnpRIcE March 24, 2003
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Moms life bro means that you love your mother and your brother by saying moms life bro
Me: My moms life bro. are the best life ever
by NAVISUCKS November 8, 2021
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