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The act in which a car pool of best friends, decide to skip work and take the day and do super awesome bro things of the members choice!
Every member of the group gets one to use.
"Dammit gunna be late for work again"...
"Fuck it! BRO DAY!!!
by Bro Day October 27, 2014
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The day after Valentines Day, where you don't spend it with any women and just your bros.
You: Hey you wanna go up town today?
Bro: Fudge yeah, it's bro day!
by Anonymous3462475648713561 February 16, 2012
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Any day that your chillin with your bros, getting dome, pounding natties, and eating sandwhich's made by your slampiece.
Yo What are we doing today?
DUDE, its broday.

Ahh shit, i forgot. Lets go chill.
by jayda101 March 16, 2011
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A day where the boys take a break from all girls to chill and have fun.
"Hey let's have a bro day."
"Sounds good, I need a day with my boys."
by Fruit fruit salad yummy yummy January 26, 2017
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