No Leaving a Bro to talk to another bitch thats just plain and simple.
Jason: Ahh i gtg my friend wants me to talk to her.

Requis: Cmon dude thats bro code you cant do that shit.
by Hfsse April 27, 2016
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A code for men who are insecure about their masculinity and need to let the internet dictate their behavior because they don’t have their own common sense.
Man: “Dude, why don’t you ask out Kara?”
Bro: “She’s Matt’s ex. I can never break bro code.”
Man: “Matt has been married to Shelly for five years and we’re all on good terms if you want to date Kara. Learn to read social cues from individual situations, dude.”
by Schemic June 11, 2018
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- A true bro shall always forgive another bro regardless of the problem.
Hey you slept with my sister, but its all chill i forgive you just don't do it again because it against the bro code
by Brocode101 June 17, 2011
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buy the domain for your foodie site
Just to add on to the other definitions, always leave one urinal space between you and all others in the bathroom. Nobody wants to pee right next to anyone.
by Jesus the All-Knowing January 30, 2018
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