Brittanie is beautiful beyond all means. Very genuine and cares about others. Not to mention Super Sexy, Gorgeous face classy, and best personality around. Usually blonde hair and blue eyes this bombshell is your all American girl. She hates annoying girls and ones who think they are pretty.
Did you see Brittanie today? She looked amazing like always.
by BeyondBelief;) May 27, 2011
Very loyal and fun loving ! Has the biggest heart but plays no games . Will go above and beyond for others even when they don’t for her . Very smart and savvy ! Can make anything life throws at her look easy . Beautiful beyond measure inside and out . Often mistaken for a snob until people get to know her . Can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare when made mad . Has the instincts of a Lion ! Keeps it real and always down for a good time . She hates drama and sets it straight when brought to her . You wanna keep her around because with her life’s better ! If you don’t know one find one . Beautiful beyond words to describe . She can either have your back and if on the other side look out . Something like a Boss ! Cut from a different cloth ! But it’s the cloth u will pay big dollars to have !
by Trutarauma June 7, 2021
She is so kind and sweet and trustworthy.She is gorgeous she has a wonderful personality she is caring.She is so happy.She is the best type of gorgeous and you will never meet anybody like her.
Brittanie is adorable.
by Sunflower 🌻 February 9, 2018
The Human Connector. Brittanies have a Peaceful yet Flashy Magnetism. You want to Talk to & Listen to this person. They know a lot. Quick to act, this person dances through otherwise closed doors of Communication. Strong-willed, Artistic, well-mannered, honest & downright Funny.
I was out of touch with my Cousin, until we got some savvy Brittanie. Brittanie was the link needed to have a better relationship.
by Tigerish March 5, 2010
a gay loser who thinks they are funny
A; have you seen Brittanie?
B; yeah, she looks like a RAT
by BrittanieK April 15, 2019
Best girl in the world! She's selfish for one person and she hates people who touch him/her. She can be an angel or the devil. Overall the bestest girlfriend ever. She cares for you, she loves you, she can be popular. You would be blessed to have her as your friend. She's the most beautiful girl you would ever meet. This is Brittany.
Friend: Brittany is so amazing.

Me: yeah she's so beautiful.
by I love pandas May 23, 2017
Brittanys are amazing. Although they may seem uptight around most people, Brittanys are fun to be around when they truly trust people (trust can be a rare thing for them). They have exotic features and lovely personalities. Many people disregard Brittanys as intelligent people, however it should be noted that Brittanys can be wise beyond their age and genuises in their feilds. Guys should know that Brittanys are the most amazing girls, and the only reason a Brittany will be single is because the guys she knows aren't good enough for her. Brittanys like polar opposites: vibrant cities or laid back beaches, freezing or tropical, edgy or boho, they are into everything. Brittanys are generally a force to be reconed with, they are unstoppable.
Person 1: Who's that girl? She looks spectacular...
Person 2: That's Brittany, I wish she was mine...
by Girl-a-Girl February 12, 2011