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Brittanie is beautiful beyond all means. Very genuine and cares about others. Not to mention Super Sexy, Gorgeous face classy, and best personality around. Usually blonde hair and blue eyes this bombshell is your all American girl. She hates annoying girls and ones who think they are pretty.
Did you see Brittanie today? She looked amazing like always.
by BeyondBelief;) May 27, 2011
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She is so kind and sweet and trustworthy.She is gorgeous she has a wonderful personality she is caring.She is so happy.She is the best type of gorgeous and you will never meet anybody like her.
Brittanie is adorable.
by Sunflower 🌻 February 08, 2018
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The Human Connector. Brittanies have a Peaceful yet Flashy Magnetism. You want to Talk to & Listen to this person. They know a lot. Quick to act, this person dances through otherwise closed doors of Communication. Strong-willed, Artistic, well-mannered, honest & downright Funny.
I was out of touch with my Cousin, until we got some savvy Brittanie. Brittanie was the link needed to have a better relationship.
by Tigerish March 05, 2010
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Brittanie can be a very bitchy girl when she feels like it. Brittanie usually tends to be confused on who to trust and in the long run ends up stabbing people in the back and loses all of her friends. Brittanie is a Christian but uses all kinds of profanity and sins all the time. Brittanie only really goes to church because she is forced to and because her only two friends go to her church with her. Brittanie is a two faced slut who can't keep either sets of her lips closed. Brittanie likes to act and dress in a whore kind of manner.
Girl: Did you see Brittanie today?
Boy: Yeah she looked ratchet as hell
by Ilikepumpkinpieyum November 22, 2012
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