The ship name for Rio and Beth from Good Girls.
Brio is the hottest ship on TV.
by alywit123 February 17, 2020
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Noun. (br-ee-yo). Someone who has finesse, special talent, vivacity, brilliance, strength, self-confidence, worthy of revere and respect or is distinctively unique or attractive. In France brio might be described as "je ne sais quoi"...a certain intangible and attractive quality someone has that makes them stand out from others.
"She's got brio in the kitchen. Nobody cooks better than aunt Rosa."

"The man's sense of timing and sound is impeccable...he possessed brio, vision and limitless creativity."
by Dr. Nordoslavic May 6, 2013
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Herby Italian soft drink that goes great with pizza.
Don't forget to tell that wop to bring the Brio with the order.
by bomb biscuit January 31, 2004
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Where three bros sing in harmony! Or a really bad ass song.
Devon:This is, the end
Drew:For you my friend
Joey:I won't forgive, I won't, forget.
Devon:This is
Drew: an awesome
Joey:Brio, bro lol
by Drew The Tit Master February 3, 2011
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a trio of bros
Harry, Ron and Hermione were a brio until Ron and Hermione fell in love.
by fleebenflaben November 23, 2014
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The name for a shit after you had just eaten a lot of pasta.
Named Brio Brick due to the fact that Italians drink brio with their pasta and usually the shit the next day is hard like a brick
Tom: damn man last night after we ate that pizza I laid the biggest brio bricks ever.
by eltsac May 15, 2008
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Brios is an extremely smart and annoying guy who is bound to give you a laugh, while simultaneously giving you a massive headache. He will always leave a blank reaction to whatever you say, and often doesn’t understand inappropriate jokes or potty humor. He is the type of guy to find enjoyment out of academics or watching chess matches. However, he is amazingly focused on any end goal that he currently set his mind to. But as a result you might find yourself hearing about his goal 50 times per day before it actually happens.
Lailah: Hey, do you know where Brios is applying to for college?
Rebekah: Oh, him? He has been saying MIT almost 30 times a day for the past 4 months. How do you not know?
by Blasian baddie November 23, 2021
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