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A generally ugly cunt who (for no apparent reason) still has bad acne although puberty started 5 years ago.
He fails at getting close to ANY girl, and when he does, is usually scared or threatened by a genuine badman.
He is usually christian, but acts more like a faggot jew. For example, he attends church on christmas day.
His brother has had more girls then him, even though he's in the closet.
Oi fam, that guys failing badly wid dat girl
LOL, yeah, he must be a songer

Who was that guy saying shit about your mate?
Oh, dont worry, he shut up when he realised i aint no songer
by DefiningThisShit January 06, 2010

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A male who has no game or style whatsoever. Usually rejected by the opposite sex and remains in the 'friend-zone'. His balls are yet to drop, so he maintains a very high pitched voice.
An overall wasteman who sticks close to his other faggot friends by playing non-contact sports, in fear of getting owned. This is also because he runs and walks like a crippled old man.
He would get jumped everyday of his life if it werent for the fact he has no social life.
Why's that guy walking like that?
Ahhh, he's a brinkely, let's jump that bitch

Oi bruv, shut that girl up!
That ain't no girl, that's a brinkley.
by DefiningThisShit January 06, 2010

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