Whoops! You have to put the Brickster's dick in your mouth down at the jail.
W H O O P S !
You can be a butthole drive a big ass truck
Or make pee-pee yellow like a duck
Masturbate on chaterbate there ain't no trick
All you gotta do is do it Brick By Brick

Brick By Brick, Suck My Dick
by ☆★Midas★☆ May 2, 2022
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Term used to explain that you got some action the night before
yeah, last night I got a little brick a brick
by Todd December 16, 2004
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The saying used by the greatest coach in college football, Butch Jones, at the University of Tennessee
"Man, Tennessee just beat South Carolina."
"Hell yeah, rebuilding brick by brick"
by feelslike98 June 24, 2014
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