A game that is thought to be copied by "ROBLOX" but no,It is inspired as the official owner said and proved.A new online game that you can trade,play games,post on walls,customize you character,hard achievements *makes it fun*,events,they are lots to be done in Brick Planet,what will it become?
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by DWIHBP March 8, 2018
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A really bad ripoff of roblox that is shutting down and only streams at 180p at 2fps
brick planets a copy of roblox.
by LoganOnLine March 8, 2020
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Brick Planet is an Multiplayer Online game like ROBLOX, and different from ROBLOX, Brick Planet has a good moderation, good catalog, good games and good community, unlike ROBLOX, this game is free, in 2018/2019 there was a lot of 5 year old kids with 3 of IQ saying that Brick Planet is an copy of ROBLOX, that is a totally fake thing, it just looks like ROBLOX, also YouTubers that make videos for kids of 1 week put on the title that Brick Planet is a copy of ROBLOX, which is one of the most funny clickbaits ive ever seen.
Brick Planet had its own currency, site, games and even the entire site was different from ROBLOX, the name of its currency was Bits, that is the Tix of Brick Planet, and credits, that was the Robux of Brick Planet, you could get bits by selling items on the market, and in the old brickplanet you receive some Bits when you create an account.
Brick Planet did several shut downs, specially trought 2018 and 2019, then in 2019 they finally shut down fr, but then in 2020, Brick Planet announced that they are going back, and with a entire new site and client, games and etc, now in this date of 12/02/2021, the new Brick Planet seems to be almost done, and it haves an entire new logo, if you want to check the development progress, you can enter at their site on brickplanet(.)com
Me "Can't wait to play Brick Planet when the new version gets launched"
3 year old kid "This is a copy of ROBLOX"
Me "Did i ask?"
by Trusted John Doe December 2, 2021
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A newly developed game by a handsome guy named ‘Isaac Hymer’! It’s cheaper and more fun to play than shitty ROBLOX!
It also has more features and doesn’t hash out everything you fucking say!
ROBLOXIAN: Eww What the #### is th##?!?
PLANETARIAN: The best game development platform that was ever created!
ROBLOXIAN: Is it free to play?
PLANETARIAN: Brick Planet is more free than crappy ROBLOX!
by Spicy_Memes_4_Edgy_Teens December 24, 2017
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A cult of neo-Nazis that invade Roblox and like to scam people, especially those that they consider "undesirables", they are lead by a man called Isaac hymer, who is a notorious 4chan user who's claim to fame was anti-Semitic posting on the site and to this day is still active.
for example "guys I love going on brick planet" referring to either their forming troll swarm or their forums.
by quackste October 9, 2020
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ROBLOX: "It's Free!" *evil laugh*
ROBLOXians with common sense: "Nah, we'll find something else better than ROBLOX, bye"
Brick Planet: "did someone say: "Something else better than ROBLOX"?"
ROBLOXians with common sense: "yaaay"
-10 years later-
Brick planet: *turns to shit like roblox did*
ROBLOXi- ahem... Planeteers with common sense: "shit"
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