Someone who believes in unicorns and fairy dust, and that their own failure in life is due to immigrants, the European Parliament and straight bananas. Brexiteers are the staunch enemy of remoaners who cause them undue stress by asking difficult questions in their selfish search for any facts (or plans) that might make the impending mother of all fuckups "worth it".

Likely to also be a little dim.
Remoaner #1: Have you met Bob? He's 36 and still believes in the Tooth Fairy

Remoaner #2: no great surprise, he is a brexiteer after all
by Simon_TW November 25, 2016
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slang for someone who chats shite and is always unrealistic.
You know like that mate everyone has, who when your in the pub on a Wednesday and some guy you vaguely know says ‘Alright lads you coming to footy on Saturday, early kick off at Midday..load of the lads meeting at the pub at 10.30am’
You say ‘Doubt it mate, we are out for Fat Baz’s Stag Do In Dam on Thursday and Friday and Dodgy Tony has a link up, our flight don’t land at Heathrow until 10am Saturday morning’
But your mate says ‘I will be there, I am King of the Sess’ even though he is already talking in joined up writing after one pint of 3.4% bitter.
Fucking stupid Brexiteer.
by Rascal G November 16, 2018
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Saying goodbye to everyone at a party and then proceeding to stick around.
F: What's up with Boris, I thought he was leaving.
G: Apparently he's brexiting.
by DanielDosenbier March 17, 2019
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Verb: Brexiting

The act of telling everyone at a gathering (party, meeting ... etc.), that you are leaving, but actually staying.
Theresa is at the party, brexiting near the fridge for over an hour now
by ArabStud March 30, 2019
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The verb "to brexit" is the annihilation of another player's ankles in the game of football or soccer.
Player: *Breaks ankles to the point where they can never walk again*
by theoBO May 19, 2022
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The undefined being negotiated by the unprepared in order to get the unspecified for the uninformed.
*seing something that doesn't make sense*
*rolling eyes*
"Oh, that's a total Brexit."
by L'Agneau January 27, 2019
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Guy: What is the meaning of life? Am I real? Are you even real?
Me: I am Brexit right now
by Flash Slash April 2, 2019
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