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A person who is outraged and frustrated over the result of the European Union membership referendum in the United Kingdom which the vote took place on the 23rd of June of 2016 and relies on protests against the UK government and for the EU to prevent Brexit.

(Do understand that a Remoaner does not represent all Remain voters and supporters, who most would happily accept the vote and are able to understand why that the majority of the British people had voted to Leave.)

A Remoaner may want to:

1. Demand of the UK government to ignore the referendum result (for example, to not invoke Article 50).

2. Demand of the UK government to launch another EU referendum.

3. Demand of the UK government to not invoke Article 50.

4. Declare that the result of the referendum is 'only' provisional and thus the UK government should take no heed of the result.

5. Tend to feel that people that who voted and/or supported the Leave campaign are either mentally unstable or mentally incapacitated to vote properly.

6. And finally, take part in numerous street protests 'for Europe' (they mean the EU) and against democracy in cities across the UK in ever-decreasing sizes.
"There's so many Remoaners with chips on their shoulders. You don't like the fact that we voted Brexit. We won." - Katie Hopkins
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by CommanderJampot September 09, 2016
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a person who does not get the right result from a democratic vote e.g. the vote from a yes / no referendum to exit or leave the European Union
It is only the remoaner that insists we have a second referendum in the hope the result will change or it is a remoaner that believes the future is bleak if a democratic vote decides a change from the status quo
by The Gospel Truth July 21, 2016
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A person, typically with an IQ below 4, who thinks Brexit will turn Britain into a solitary isolationist country that will deport all foreign people.

Remoaners constantly reject the democratic vote by the majority of people to leave and are easily brainwashed to believe that leaving the EU will bring about the destruction of the country.

They have no idea how the EU works but will say that they understand the advantages even though the very same organisation has been responsible for the financial crisis of the European Bloc (which it still hasn't resolved) and has poorly dealt with the migrant crisis with many of them being placed into camps remincinent of Nazi concentration camps. The EU also continually moves forward to censor free speech and create internet laws like their Article 13 which could efficiently censor free speech on the European web and yet its supporters will ignore all this and pretend no country can survive without the EU even though there are many non-EU countries that are doing far better than the majority of European countries (which suffer from great poverty, job loss etc especially in Eastern Europe) such as Canada, America, Australia, the Scandinavian countries, Japan etc.
Through its handling of finance and flawed management of free movement, the EU itself is in a crisis that Remoaners will refuse to admit.

"If Britain leaves the EU, WW3 will happen, we will become a third world country and all non-whites will be deported! Also my government benefits will be stopped since the Tories will then have freedom to take it all away and I'll have to stop cheating the system! " ~ Actual claims of the typical Remoaner.
by PsudStud July 09, 2018
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