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1. Being that guy (breen) who moans all the time like a girl having an orgasm.

2. Saying random shit without thinking that nobody wants to hear.

3. Being a complete douche bag.

4. Making goofy hand and face motions.
1. Joe: *While making goofy hand and face motions* If I was my dad, I'd fuck the shit out of my mom!

2. Bob: uuuhhhhhooohhhhh yeyeeeaaaaa
Anthony: Bob shut the fuck up your so annoying stop breening
by saywhatbayer February 19, 2010
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Suggesting terrible ideas that nobody wants to do after there are several better ideas proposed.
Mike: Yo connor, instead of going to that party that everyone's at, why don't we go sit at Mcdonalds?

Connor: Mike, stop breening.
by saywhatferarra February 18, 2010
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Inviting yourself places when you over hear plans being talked about that have nothing to do with you.
Group: Yea, yea tonight's gunna be sick.
I can't wait for that crazy party

Breen: Oh whats going on tonight, I'm not doing anything I'll be there.

Group: Fuck man stop breening no one wants you to come.
by saywhatbrady February 24, 2010
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When you go through someone's friends list and you add all the hot girls. Especially if you dont know them. Then when someone confronts you about this you just say you got hacked.
"Dude my facebook hacker just adds all these hot girls from your friends list!' #Breening
by YoungMoneyBrickSquad July 24, 2012
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