A. To engage in a comfortable, friendly interaction. Originally, the term was literal, meaning that a loaf of bread would be broken to share and eat; a casual meal among associates.

B. The term later came to be more figurative, but referred to the same situation: a shared meal. Used as a colloquialism to describe any meal that did or did not involve bread.

C.Today, the term is used to describe a social interaction where something is shared. This could be food, money, commodities, assets, or other various items.

To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort with an individual or group of people. Breaking bread has a notation of friendliness and informality, derived from the original meaning regarding sharing the loaf.
A. We all came to my home to break bread and share stories.
B. Are you coming to break bread with us? We're going to that new steakhouse that just opened up.
C. Hand me one of those cigarettes. Break bread with your old pal, would ya?
by FirstMan January 28, 2010
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To have a girl spread her ass cheeks open for you.
Janice was so horny she break bread for me.
by Leeb127 March 6, 2016
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the term for gettin free crunck juice (wine) and break at a mass
man they be breaking bread at this mass..... o fo skrill?
by bnorms October 5, 2004
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a ratial slure torwards catholics talking about dividing the Eucurist
hes breaking that bread what a catholic cracker
by bnorms October 5, 2004
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to share ones belongings or assets with another person
kairo had helped me get on my paypa chase with the zone he fronted me, so i had to break bread wit him
by dike J nylon October 2, 2003
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make peace, partnership.

has to do with jesus breaking bread with his peoples.

show love
by ice August 26, 2003
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Share with money, wealth, ect with someone
thats a lot of food you bettah break bread nigga
by Pimp master flex December 25, 2004
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