A community of left-wing youtubers and the subreddit associated with them. A reference to Anarchist Peter Kropotkin's 1892 book, The Conquest of Bread. Some of the youtubers associated with it include ContraPoints, hbomberguy, Shaun, ThreeArrows, PhilosophyTube and more
Two breadtube videos dropped last friday !
by @realKropotkin January 21, 2019
collective name for a bunch of faux lefties who preach socialism, communism, marxism etc on social media but then shepherd their followers into voting for the establishment parties they are supposed to oppose.
did you see *insert name here* from breadtube cosplaying her tax the rich dress on the red carpet last night?
by Alison_Rain April 2, 2022
A leftist movement that was propped up by YouTube and Governmental organizations to defend YouTube’s increasingly authoritarian rules and restrictions. All BreadTubers, despite pretending to be edgy, defend the current Democrat administration in the United States despite being completely against their supposed anarchist and communist beliefs and most BreadTubers ironically enough commit bourgeoisie actions like spending thousands of dollars on fancy costumes and drug usage. The worst part about Breadtube though is it’s fanbase, who are completely rabid and will defend anything their Breadtube idols say, even if it’s completely 100% wrong.
Robert: Hi Daniel what are you watching?
Daniel: Oh it’s called Breadtube, it’s going to help turn this country communist!
Robert: Why is that man dressed up in a fancy dress and makeup? And why is that man just reacting to images?
Daniel: You don’t get it grandpa this is how we are going to turn America communist!
Robert: Okay Daniel that’s enough internet for you, time to go outside.
by Lobert_Rarsh February 17, 2022