When your poop is so large that it breaks the surface tension of the water from below. (similar in concept to how a whale or a submarine “breaches” the water)
Dude, that was the biggest turd of my life! Look! It’s even breaching!
by The Brof3ssor November 8, 2020
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an extreme shart that penetrates through your underwear, pants and beyond to the surface beneath you.
The morning after drinking draught beer and pounding wings I trusted a fart at my desk that ended in a full breach.
by Flange Master M January 13, 2008
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When an exceptionally massive turd crests out of the water, like a humpback whale.

Similar to a "periscope" (where the end of the turd will stick straight up out of the water).

Both of which, really really stink.
"Holy sh-t, I breached, I thought I was gonna die in there."
by h.karl February 21, 2010
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He breached his contract with the team by participating in a rigorous offseason volleyball season.
by Diggity Monkeez February 23, 2005
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when at least 40% of your finger rips through toilet paper while wiping
Toilet paper may breach during the process of wiping oneself.
by DJ Huda December 31, 2011
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When something was working out okay, and stopped working, a relationship was broken or a breach occured. When a relationship was never a good one to begin with, and both parties knew they didn't get along to begin, no breach took place since there was nothing working previously to break down.
Two people that didn't agree in the first place don't break any agreement since they never agreed on anything. There was no agreement to breach.
by Solid Mantis January 24, 2018
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1: When an aquatic animal, especially a large one, jumps out of the water

2: To physically or figuratively break through a surface or barrier

3: To violate social, legal, and or societal rules and expectations about behavior
Great White Sharks often breach in order to catch seals.
by Vanguard 1998 March 5, 2023
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