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In the Phonetic Alphabet, Bravo-Charlie stands for B.C., which are the initials for boner check.

My friends and I always warn each other when a hot girl is approaching by saying boner check to each other.

Of course we wanted to warn each other without sounding like douche bags or pervs, so we started saying B.C.

Bravo-Charlie just sounds better than just saying B.C.
ex.1) "Dude, did you see that Bravo-Charlie that came in the other day?"

ex.2) "You got a Bravo-Charlie approaching your Six."
by 3mvu10 July 03, 2009
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"Bravo Charlie" from the military phonetic alphabet used to transmit letters or code via telephone or radio, stands for "BC," or, in this case, "Beaver Curtains."

"Bravo Charlie" or "Beaver Curtains" (noun pl)

: The vaginal labia majora of female mammals, namely the female homo sapien.
Examples of Bravo Charlie used:

• Hey, Brianna, come near me with that pair of man-scaping scissors and I'm going to kick you in the Bravo Charlie.

• That girl had a Bravo Charlie that I wouldn't touch with your transexual mother's meat sleeve.
by Expediteplanb April 19, 2011
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