A game of sexual noises akin to a retro German porn moovie (jaa).
To pass the orgasm round players accompany an "oooooh" with a horizontal fist motion in the direction of passing. To change direction a "jaaa" accompanied by a triumphant vertical fist movement downwards. To skip a player you say "Das ist gut". "Up die pooper" is used whilst pointing to nominate a random player in the circle.This can be used 3 times. Nominated players can either take it and continue with "ooooh" or they can refuse with a "nein!" and a wag of the finger. If refused 3 times the original player must continue with a different action. Finally, if a player shouts "Sheisse in mein Mund!" the adjacent players must shout "Wunderbar!" and triumphanty throw their hands in the air. If a player at any point gets the action/ sound wrong or is too slow, they must consume.
Player 1: Ooooh (<----)
Player 2: Oooooh (<-----)
Player 3: Ooooh (<-----)
Player 4: Jaaaa! (---->)
Player 3: Das ist gut! (-- ->)

Player 1: Oooh! (----->)
Player 4: Up die pooper (to player 2)
Player 2: Nein...
Player 4: Sheisse in mein Mund!
Players 1 & 3: Wunderbar!!
That's german porn!
by Kernal667 January 2, 2012
sickest porn on the net, as of last monday...we'll see what the future of internet porn holds.
by ben c. October 20, 2003
Pornographic films that include erotic defecation by two or more Germans. The most common of these films is known infamously as "2 Girls 1 Cup."
Boy 1 - "Ewwwwww, is that one being crapped on?"
Boy 2 - "Ya, this is some ****ing German Scheizer Porn. It's

****ing hot though, right?"
Boy 1 - "No dude! What the **** is wrong with you, yo?"
by TehBestOfTehInternetz July 20, 2009
A type of porn found in germany in which the man lies underneith the womans asshole, and sucks out a nice steamy fart. The idea of sucking out a fart seems gross and uncivilized but in reality adam and eve often got bored with regular sex so they got interesting ideas with this love nugget.
Bob: Wow man, I was fucking Tracy last night and she asked if I would perform German Shiza Porn on her, and I said yes and it was amazing!
Tom: Dude its taken me years to even drink chelseas piss...
by Jason Dhillon April 30, 2008
pornography mainly produced by the german people in which scat is performed.
if you were in german shista porn, you'd tell me, right?
by burritopope January 25, 2004