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Any French Canadian (usually from Quebec or Montreal) who Vacations during the Winter season in various trailer parks in Hallandale FL. Winter Frogs are easy to spot as they tend to be over tanned, do not practice good hygiene (rotten teeth, no deoderant), are horrible drivers, do not tip and take pride in haggling non negotiable prices. Winter Frogs love playing penny slots at the local casino and have a sense of arrogance at all times. Winter Frogs insist on speaking French and are offended when South Florida locals cannot communicate with them.
Why is this damm Hallandale Winter Frog holding up the checkout line by haggling the price of cigarettes.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 09, 2009

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The most hardcore, intense, degenerate Fantasy league in all of sports. In the XFL the grass is always green and the Cabaret is full of Kings. An XFL pre game meal consists of C4 sandwiches topped with chlorine for salt and gunpowder for pepper. Each year 10 members go in but only 1 can claim the Heavyweight Title. Landmines and snipers can be found at the draft. XFL members always inform other members of any good brew -n- screws or jerk & squirts they encounter. Midget strippers, "Burning Diesel",explosives training sessions and stories about "Pistolita" can be included in XFL activities.
Ron Zook got so Xtreme last night he definately earned his spot in the XFL!
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 09, 2009

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A mythical figure in W. Kendall, Fla., believed to be half man, half killing machine. Fully trained in mortal combat, explosives, stealth tactics, and hostage negotiation.

Pistolita is fully armed at all times with an arsenal ranging from a .357 magnum to pineapple grenades. Pistolita has never been seen consuming food and it is believed by many that Pistolita is fueled by sex and alcohol.

Pistolita is able to attack by air and sea and has been known to conduct underwater demolitions in W. Kendall canals.
I heard that scene from Terminator where Arnold took on the LAPD was based on the summer of 1989 shoot out between Pistolita and the Hammocks police.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 08, 2009

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Any massage parlor where handjobs are given to the clients for an extra cost (tip) after the massage is finished.
I found this new Jerk and Squirt on Kendall Drive where the girls realyy take care of you.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 06, 2009

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Having sex with an Eastern European woman while shes on her period, who then sucks the blood off your penis after intercourse.
My girlfriend wont talk to me anymore since she found my German Porn collection. I think Bratislava Lava 4 really made her wig out.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 10, 2009

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To cruise around red light districts or public areas searching for prostitutes.
last night i went trolling for trollups for over and hour before i hooked up with this sleezy hooker on 79 street.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 06, 2009

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A low class bar which employs scanky, older, less attractive women who offer sexual favors while keeping you company. Alcholic beverages need to be purchased sometimes at an inflated rate ( $15-$25) per drink which act as the cost of the sexual favors. After a few purchased drinks the bar whores will take you to the back of the bar and conduct the pre negotiated services.
Chief i went by that Brew and Screw in Allapattah last night and got a BJ from this bar whore Maria for only 3 beers at $20 a piece.
by Coach Boris Ramnovitch July 06, 2009

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