A prostitute,from the cockney slang BRASS NAIL,meaning TAIL,tail being a slang name for a prostitute
i need a shag,might go and get myself a Brass
by Dick nasty November 2, 2003
A kind of metal that isn't as cool as silver or gold.
most metals are cool, but brass is lame
by where am i? March 4, 2005
To 'Brass' a mutha-fucka is too shoot someone.
Military jargon based on the bullet casings.
Common in Australian military, but also commonly used on the street
"I'm gunna brass this little bitch."
by Diego August 17, 2003
money. da scratch. moolah. dough. the long green. do-rey-me. bread.
No brass, no pizza.
Know brass, know pizza.
by CHRIS October 11, 2003
Rob wish he could be a BrasS but he's hasu.
by J N June 7, 2003
Plural Noun

Military Slang

Used by common soldiers as an unspecific collective term for people of much higher rank. (the ones making the decisions)

Can also be applied to a police force.
To me, this whole operation seems useless, but if it's what the brass says, we have to do it.
by TheFreakinGrimReaper March 20, 2013