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Braixen is a bipedal fennec fox Pokémon. It has an abnormally big fluff tail in which it keeps a twig in.

Braixen has black, dark orange, yellow and white fur on its appearance. It is said that its ear fluff emits warm air. When it is angry, the tuft is spiky.

Braixen uses its stick in battle for more efficiency, heavily exampled in the Pokémon anime. Braixen is inseparable from its twig, due to the great bond bound to it.
Although it uses its fiery twig mainly for battling, it doesn't mean it is unable to breathe fire.

Braixen did not use to be very popular after its game release, middle starter evolutions are barely given attention. However, two years later after its official announcement, Serena, who plays a major role in the Pokémon anime, had her Fennekin evolve into Braixen. Starting from then, people who watch the Pokémon anime realized how much of a bond Braixen had with its trainer. Serena lets her Braixen perform in Pokémon Performance Shows, which is visually and emotionally appealing in the anime, This caused popularity in Braixen to rise.

Braixen later was added in the famous Pokkén Tournament game. This is the reason why most people are familiar and/or fan for Braixen.
Due to its cutesy appearance in this video game caused by the voice acting and character 'scene' animations, many people see Braixen as an adorable magical witch fox girl.
Some people may also classify it as 'tsundere', due to its 'cute' lose animations.
Braixen. When the twig is plucked from its tail, friction sets the twig alight. The flame is used to send signals to its allies.
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by Ruralperson6 July 28, 2016
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A cute fire type anime fox with a flaming stick Pokémon. It is also a playable fighter in Pokken Tournament and is in the highest tier due to how Kawaii and fabulous it is.
Braixen I Choose You!
Braixen: Baka! It's not like I wanted to be chosen!
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by Chief_Lightning June 07, 2016
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