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Gorgeous, really sweet girl. May be seen as bougie or stuck up at first. People often wonder why she is single. She wants love, but searches for it in the wrong places.
Brailyn is so beautiful, why does she not have a boyfriend?
by Nicole Lee Ann June 18, 2018
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Brailyn is one of the most sweetest girls to be around she will brighten your day with just a look. Her smile will make you smile she is on goooood kisser . And is the best gf a guy could ask for nickname for her should be smiley
by Brailyn lover February 22, 2019
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A fucking slut who sleeps with everyone she can find, a Brailyn is someone who isn't very trustworthy though many guys fall in love with her. She is a bitch. Brailyn's know how to shake their ass and that's the reason many guys fall for them.
Person 1~ That girl over their is shaking that ass like a pro!

Person 2~ She must be a Brailyn.


I can't trust that fucking ugly ass slut anymore.

~She is hot though. But she is a fucking bitch:)
by Babycakes_01 March 08, 2014
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