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The most beautiful down to heart women possible on earth. Big tits and big hearts. If you get the chance to date such a lovely women keep her. They are rare and well worth the time.
Wow it's Brailey 😍.
by Shaunty December 19, 2016
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She is a sweet, loving girl who is shy at first but gets to be the craziest person you will ever know. She will always have boys crushing on her, but her heart will belong to one special guy. Even though she is athletic don't assume she is an idiot. She is one of the most intelligent people anyone will ever know.
Guy one: "Hey! That girl is really hot!"
Guy two: "Yeah I want to date her!"
Guy one: "No she is mine!"
Girl's friend: "Hey Brailey is dating Jackson}!"
by Marshmallo7 June 08, 2018
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