Any person, thing, or situation which is sketchy, shady, or undesirable.
"That guy just tried to buy me a drink with the come-on line, 'perhaps this will wet your whistle' - how louche can you get!?"
by Willy. February 7, 2007
To make an anise based drink opalescent, or cloudy, by adding water.
Logan Fils louched to a mustard turd brown when mixed with a 1:4 water ratio.
by Jack Batemaster January 7, 2004
1. A person that refrains from activity or does nothing. 2. To refrain from activity or do nothing.
1. "Are you going to study?"
"Nah, I'm going to be a louch today"

2. "Are you going to study?"
"Nah, I'm going to louch today."
by AnnieBoy October 30, 2007
Short for Sheek Louch, the rapper originally from the group L.O.X & D-Block.
Louch's new album walk witt meis sick.
by Nicole Patterson November 12, 2003
Traveling down to the depths of tartarus, down the nine nocturnal levels of the underworld, beneath the dark one, in the basement of the devil himself, you'll find a small sack of salt. This is colloquially referred to as a Louch.
Boy 1: aye yo Hercules was gucci, what'd you got in that sac?
Hercules: about five grams of Louch.
by OhSalokin September 21, 2017
A derogatory term for a person of very little or no social or economic value. A combination of the words "louse" and "slouch" Usually has long, dirty hair,filthy clothes,and needs a shave and a bath. Stinks
Man, that guy has never held a job that I know of. He's a real louch!
by JB McDuffie May 19, 2007
The quality of being a disreputable but somehow endearing person. A loveable scamp.
From French for "squinting", ultimately from Latin, for "blind in one eye" So, possibly it means to turn a blind eye to someones bad reputation.
"He was reproached for his loucheness, but was still somehow everyone's darling."
by TBWordcollector January 10, 2012