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Boys night is when a bunch of chiller dudes get together and kick it with each other. Drinks, movies, gaming, whatever -- just as long as its boys only, it's a boys night. Dudes need dude time. #NoLie
Dude 1: I've had a hell of a week man. Need to unwind.
Dude 2: Boys night?
Dude 1: ....boys night. Thank you.
Dude 2: I'll bring a sixer of something special.
Dude 1: Thank you so much, man. Seriously.
Dude 2: Do NOT mention it, anything for you dude!
Dude 1: You're the best.
Dude 2: Haha, I know
Dude 1: Dude wtf haha
Dude 2: Just kidding see ya soon
Dude 1: Get over here lol N64 is warming up!
by MGL Thug April 08, 2015
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