an egyptian god who radiates big softie energy and deserves every single Oscar even though that’s impossible
did you watch bohemian rhapsody?
yes my king Rami Malek killed it yet again
by mishnovak October 26, 2018
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The HOTTEST, SEXIEST, MOST DELICIOUS man to ever play a dead king in ANY movie. And the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, MOST DELICIOUS man to every play a gay teen on a TV show.
Woah... Have you seen Night At The Museum with Ben Stiller?
Yeah! And that hottie Rami Malek played King Ahkmenrah, the egyptian king!
He also played Kenny on the war at home!
Man, that guy is sex on a stick!
by Bananamananana April 11, 2009
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if a sexy guy and candy floss had an threesome with an Egyptian god, had a baby, then sent it off to acting classes, it would be Rami Malek.
Did you see Rami Malek on The War at Home?
by sporksstabsstork January 23, 2019
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egyptian actor who played freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody amongst other things. a real softie who only updates instagram once a year and calls a groupchat a ’textchain’. dating lucy boynton (aka the most gorgeous woman youll ever see). is also very passionate about the fact that they shot live aid on, and i cant stress this enough, the first day of shooting borhap. has a group of male friends
i want rami malek to hold my hand. that man exudes big uwu energy
by abigsoftie January 17, 2019
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American/Egyptian actor known for his roles as Elliot Alderson Mr Robot and as Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rapsody.
Isn’t Rami Malek amazing in Mr Robot?
by stewiestolemywashingmachine April 22, 2021
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A smol bean God who likes to hang out with his three friends and send messages in their textchain. Also OSCAR winning actor who plays FREDDIE FUCKING MERCURY in bohemian rhapsody. Boyfriend of the prettiest girl in the world, Lucy Boynton.
It lingers when we're done, you'll believe God is Rami Malek
by Rami's bitch February 25, 2019
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