some you can talk to about anything don’t judge you protective over you don’t try to date you talks about other ppl with you listens to you complain about everything and makes your u fell better when your sad someone you can trust with anything someone that won’t start drama about dumb stuff FaceTimes you for no reasons texts you just to see if your ok understands you and loves you like a sister
Hey Lacey my boy best is better than yours .

Hey me and my boy best have plans this weekend
by Sksnsj September 24, 2017
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Someone you fall in love with without even knowing it. They are a person that is always there for you, which makes you feel important. They are a person that is trusting, which makes you feel safe. They are a person that cares for you, helps you, loves you. Which makes you, you guessed it, fall in love with them. Some boy best friends are in love with you too, but some aren't. This person will hurt you without knowing. You will remember their smile, laugh. How they talk, how they move their lips, how they find every little thing funny. it just makes you love them more, but hey, you can't help it. It's okay, I can't help it either.
Someone: "Are you guys dating?"

Me: "No... that's my boy best friend.."
by LoSeR_LoVeR October 04, 2017
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literally there whenever you need it. don't have a bf ? get a boy best friend they're comforting whenever and aren't ever gonna screw up your feelings like an actually boyfriend @ caiden @ keith :)
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A boy best friend will be there for you, someone you can tell everything to. He knows the difference between “I’m fine” and “I’m great”. He knows when something is wrong and won’t stop asking until you tell him because he doesn’t want you to feel that way and want you to be happy. He will say goodnight and good morning every day. He’s going to tell you if a guy isn’t good enough because he doesn’t want anyone to break your heart or hurt you in anyway. He wants you to stay you and not let a guy let you down. A guy best friend is someone who tells you everything every little detail. He’s going to tell you all the guns he has in his video games his collection of shoes, and his tricks he can do. If he does have a girlfriend he will make you guys best friends no matter how jealous she seems because it’s the two girls he cares the most about, and at the end of the day even if he doesn’t say I love you inside he does and deep down you know he does.
Are you and Justin dating? No way he’s like my brother hes just my boy best friend
by Sad hours August 06, 2018
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boy best friends are they best. they’re sorta like your boyfriend but like ur not. you eventually date but not u. u guys end up catching feelings for eachother but no one knows yet. a boy best friend will give u their sweatshirt will wear ur scrunchie. they will cuddle u. they will always be the first person there when u need them and always be ur shoulder to cry on. they’ll do face masks with u and play fight. everyone ships u guys but u guys don’t acknowledge it yet. a boy bsf will give u piggy back rides and all and treat u like a bf. they’ll always be there
by ching king wing April 04, 2019
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A boy best friend is a boy who is a bestfriend for a girl and should always be there for you like a normal best friend:someone to laugh with,someone to smile with,someone to talk to whenever you want, someone who you trust and can tell any secrets to,someone to just make you happy

If your boy best friend hasn’t got at least three of these qualities he best to be done with 💙🤞💯
‘He’s my boy best friend:he’s kind trust worthy, honest,funny and has always been there for me since day 1’
This means a boy best friend
by Boy best friend March 13, 2019
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•Makes you laugh,smile,can be yourself around

•Always there for you
•Knows when you aren’t okay even if you say you are

•Gives the best advice
•1st to call if something happens

•You can trust him with anything

Friends with benefits and it won’t get weird
Example: I cant sorry. Im hanging out with my boy best friend.
by swag0615 October 07, 2019
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