The opposite of "sold out".

It is when a band (or person) who is famous, wealthy, etc decides to pursue another way and relinquish their new lifestyle.. They other completely change their style and become unpopular (on purpose), quit the industry, become a garage band, or forget music altogether and live in a small town and farm.
I'm not sure if this has happened before.
by missing November 24, 2003
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adjective describing something or someone as extremely desirable or "bad ass"
1. When looking at your friend's new big screen HDTV, you would say "Damn, that shit is bought!"
2. When seeing an exceptionally good-looking woman walk by, you would say "Damn, that bitch is bought!"
by JaredS February 16, 2008
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A girl who either is/acts like/or dresses like a real hooker-broad
Damn, girl, you look like a real bought-it in those little ass boy shorts.
by lilmama007 July 12, 2006
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To take something from a store without paying for it.
"Yo, I don't have enough for these headphones so I'm going to bought them."
by Miimz0rz March 30, 2006
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A phrase most commonly used to indicate that a man has been the victim of an adulterous partner. Also commonly used to indicate when a man is cuckolded.
Did you hear that Jim caught his girlfriend on the couch with another man while peering through a glass door? He really bought the wine.
by Wezzie22 July 29, 2014
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Mafia expression for "He was met with a sudden and violent death".
"Hey, did any of you see Vinny? He went to Queens 2 days ago."
"Nah, Vinny bought a GM. He's gone."
"Oh, OK. Fuggedaboutit."
"Let's eat some pasta, my wife made this."
by Lothario the Scandalous June 05, 2014
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phrase: refers to someone deceased in a military accident or operation. Phrase predates World War II, but came into common use at that time due to the large numbers of training casualties due inexperienced pilots/crewmembers trained in aircraft that are much less reliable than today. Common accidents in rural areas would result in aircraft crashing into barns, fields, or rural property, resulting in damages. The US Government would compensate the affected property owners with checks to pay for damages, or in some cases condemn land contaminated with undetonated/unlocated munitions/weapons, in effect "buying the farm".
"28 of us started out in my class in UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) but only 11 of us earned our wings. 13 washed out, 2 got held back, and Higgins and Baker bought the farm when they lost power on climb-out."
by speedstan February 24, 2010
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