A food or beverage served with an unending supply of free refills.
Hey are those steak fries bottomless?
by zacharyr March 3, 2006
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An Orc Warlock with a large scrotum. Possibly the coolest thing since the 80's and masturbation.
Man that Bottomless sure can beat wives.
by RANSACKEDLOL January 13, 2006
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Someone who is so entirely full of shit that it’s as though an endless supply is available to them.
Our new supervisor has already clearly demonstrated that he is a bottomless shit.
by Dr Bunnygirl February 25, 2019
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A bottomless moose is a sex act where a man puts his penis in between a woman's anus and vagina usually sex with a fat woman and he is fucking her taint rolls of fat
He gave her a bottomless moose and never touched her pussy or butt
by Lezy lizzy March 9, 2016
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A morning or early afternoon event at which for a set price you get a certain number of courses and unlimited alcohol.
That nigga clever, he knows some of the best bottomless brunch deals in London for you to dive right into
by Nigga clever July 11, 2021
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You've seen the monokini. Well, this is essentially the same idea, but the top is covered, and the bottom part is exposed.
by bikini guy1 August 25, 2008
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I got this from the movie Harold An Kumar got to Guantemo Bay. Its a party similar to a topless party but instead of the girls and guys walking around with their shirts off showing their tits. They walk around with their shirts on and pants off showing their dicks and vaginas Trust me its way hotter then a topless Party.
1.I went to Nicks bottomless party and saw a whole bunch of hot girls walking around just bottomless and saw a whole bunch of vagina's Way better then a topless party.
2.I'm Joining in this bottomless party for sure.
by Bottomlesspartyhost January 15, 2009
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