The conscious act of bottling up your feelings to avoid showing any sign of weakness.
Bro 1 "I have been feeling pretty sad since Jessica broke up with me bro"

Bro 2 "BOTTLE IT UP BRO, I don't want to see that shit"
by Bob Hoozenhowzer April 16, 2011
Control and refrain from showing; of emotions, desires, impulses, or behavior. Keep suppressed and hidden.
- Don't bottle up all your feelings.

- She bottled up her emotions throughout the tournament

- The more you bottle that anger up, the more likely it is that it will explode.
by MsG March 4, 2014
The act of getting smashed (totally drunk)
Let's Bottle up!
Oh my god, i bottled up heavy last night!!!
by alcauxholic October 24, 2010
to opt for bottle service, from the root Pony up
Cover charge waived if we bottle up!
by jvcwut November 18, 2010
To get the hell out of a seriously fucked up situation, but to do it calmly, nicely and peacefully so you can get away safely without letting anyone know you're running the hell out.
"My blind date told me that her fairy godmother told her on the toilet that we are destined to live together forever and ever. So, it was time to bottle up and go."
by Lil' Taste October 27, 2016