4 definitions by jvcwut

the extortion (errr, gift) of money illegally secured by a student-athlete (typically received via third party, ie. parents), thus resulting in penalties and sanctions for team and school
Recruiting will be nearly impossible after the cambush.
by jvcwut November 18, 2010
to linger outside the club after closing, still searching for Mr./Mrs. RightNow
Yo, get your fat friend to stop street sweeping so we can go to Dennys!
by jvcwut November 18, 2010
to opt for bottle service, from the root Pony up
Cover charge waived if we bottle up!
by jvcwut November 18, 2010
the act of chilling and/or relaxing, poolside
Memorial Day weekend and I was just poollaxin' and watermellin'.
by jvcwut June 7, 2011