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Someone who grew up around or in Boston and is proud of it. They know each and every way around town and are die hard sports fans and hate New York. They dont pronounce the letter : "R" and live for their city. The term "wicked pissah" hasnt been used in YEARS as well, just to let everyone know.
That bostonian has the coolest accent, and he loves his city A LOT.
by district02128 June 14, 2010
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More part of the North Shore then anything. East Boston is a more rough section of Boston but has some of the greatest views of Boston its self, located at the Maverick Section. It is Home to a national gang called "MS13". It has logan airport in it so people usually wake up to planes flying over their houses.
Me: Hey wanna go to East Boston.

You: Are you crazy?! its like 11 PM, were gonna get jumped by MS13!
by district02128 June 17, 2010
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