The "look" that most people of Middle-European (Bosnian, Croatian) descent will give you if you say anything in the English language, or if you say the term Borschenklavitz. It is a look of confusion and misconstrued intention.
When I asked Alma to sweep the floor for me, she just stood there and gave me a fucking Bosnia-Face. I'm going to fire her tomorrow.
by WJCIII December 8, 2007
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Glorified, made up story to make you sound courageous.
We were under Bosnia sniper fire when we landed. We had to duck down and run to our cars.
by RR RR February 5, 2017
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Someone of Ape-like origin, usually extremely hairy, smelly and prone to spreading diseases.
Once tamed by assimilation into Ottoman culture they become human-like and begin to develop into better beings who begin to smell better and be less hairy, however they're still smelly and hairy.
Usually too unintelligent to comprehend the concept of a Government so they hang around in Mountains eating insects and fucking rocks.
Portu:wtf is that a Bosnia
Bosnia:fuck they found me
by Portugwaan April 13, 2021
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Bosnia is full of beautiful amazing caring people, even though things happened in the past with Serbia Bosnia have still kept positive. No we should not forgive the Serbian economics because what they did was torture but we are thankful for sticking side by side x Bosnia borders Croatia Serbia and Montenegro and is apart of the balkans , Eastern Europen and was Yugoslavia before Serbia decided to go for innocent Muslims which was cruel and petty but overall a safe place and charming
Damnnn bosnia is that you yeahhhh
by Balkangirl March 16, 2019
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A giant minefield in the middle of the Balkans
Hey, did you hear, Steve stepped on a landmine 1 foot out of the airport on his vacation to Bosnia.
by Fueled by adhd May 10, 2023
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An based bosniak that is cooler then most people
Oh look there is Sal the Bosnianl
by SaltheBosnian August 7, 2022
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A Countryball in which landmines always explode.
Serbiaball: My next victim is Bosnia and Herzegovinaball!

Croatiaball: You little rat
by BuddyMaddie April 1, 2022
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