Vegetable soup mostly made out of beets. Originated in Eastern Europe. Called barszcz in Polish and באָרשט in Yiddish. Usually served with sour cream. Sometimes it has meat in it.
by Sugar Plumps April 19, 2018
When a bowl of marijuana has run out. (Borscht is made of beets, "beat" is often used to describe a bowl of marijuana that's been finished).
This bowl is borscht, pack it again!
by j0n August 15, 2005
Those 2 fags were into borschting each other.
by kintatsu April 28, 2009
The Borscht Belt is a refernce to the has-been resort strip along Route 17 in New York State just below the Catskill Park. Rumor has it that plans are in place to rejuvinate the once-happening area.
All the great Jewish Comedians performed at the Borscht Belt -- it was a happening place.
by cws_999 February 1, 2007
the only dude that will make the ultimate sacrifice of eating cold beet soup with you, usually responds with the borscht barf
Tony: My grandmother made this. Will you honor her by eating this with me, and we can be borscht bro's forever?

Bob: I don't know I might barf.