Guy 1: Hey you know that Boris Johnson bloke?
Guy 2: Oh yeah, you mean that ignorant cumwipe?
Guy 1: Yeah that one.
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by Angus the cock sucker October 19, 2019
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The man that has single-handedly fucked the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland during two crises (Brexit and Covid-19) in less than a year in charge. The man shows no remorse while saying old people are going to die and wanted people to get infected with the coronavirus as a method of getting rid of it.

What a fucking knob.
Person 1: You know Boris Johnson is shi-
Person 2: You don't need to tell me, a pen could be a better Prime Minister than him
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by RapoloMan July 17, 2020
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Verb; To be Boris Johnsoned.

i. A blow job, from the initials B & J
ii. To completely body check someone, esp. a child.
i. Dude, I totally got a Boris Johnson last night.

ii. Did you see that kid get Boris Johnsoned yesterday?!
Holy shit, yes. He is an utter weapon.
by some random homosapien March 11, 2016
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(n, v)
Failing miserably and achieving the exactly opposite effect.
Building herd immunity in the UK was a Boris Johnson, with the PM and prince Charles both getting infected.

He told everybody to keep calm in such a voice that everyone started to run away. What a Boris Johnson.
by Eridor April 08, 2020
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