by woldfshsha November 1, 2018
"Look a all those gooooorgeous bords!"
by LRW4dawin August 7, 2018
Your close buddy or friend.
Bords, where you na?
by Mike mdubz March 25, 2008
Noun: The act of being a homosexual butt pirate.

Verb: The admission of being a homosexual buttpirate.
Noun: Look at me, my name is D C and I'm so bord.

Verb: Dude, D C borded on facebook last night. What a fag.
by Vanessa Vaggin' Hard Fitzgeral September 13, 2009
A Freebord or the act of freebording. A Freebord is a special type of skateboard with two extra wheels in the center, designed allow lateral motion in order to emulate snowboarding.
Lets go bord Rivera, I wanna do some mellow stuff.
by SoFaux July 7, 2005
The thing the villain from Iron Man 2 can't live without
Ivan Vanko: I want my bord
Justin Hammer: I got you your bird
Ivan Vanko: This is not my bord
by NotNick1115 November 25, 2019