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When a woman makes a clapping sound with her booty. Shaking her butt and making the cheeks slap together, making a clapping sound.
Make your booty clap for me girl! She wanted to show him that she was a pro, so she made her booty clap.
by Rachel M. May 04, 2007
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The act of shaking ones glutes to music, ie. R&B, Hip hop, in order to demonstrate superior feminine sex characteristics.
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
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what happens when a woman twerks with just a thong on (same movement, looks different when the booty cheeks are free)
"i wanna go to the strip club with black strippers, the white ones don't know how to make the booty clap"
by shesaidfuckyoupayme February 04, 2012
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The term was created by pirates in the late 13th century, BC. Booty refers to a Pirate's "treasure" such as gold, chains, penor's etc. The clapping refers to an action that occurs after the "booty" was discovered. Pirates tend to clap in joy when a booty is found. Booty clap.
Bobby the Pirate Booty Clap near the Atlantic Ocean when he found a golden pimp cup at the bottom of the ocean.
by gcxdaniel May 22, 2009
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its where you clap your butt cheeks together on a dick
OMG did you see that girl booty clap last night
by noahramson678 December 03, 2015
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Booty clapmeans to clap some cheeks maaaaaaaaaan. Which is when you making those ass cheeks slap together ya know what I sayin.?
Yo maaaaaan, my best friend Rick boot clapped yesterday night. Ya dude he made her cheeks smack together maaaaan. What’s booty clap? Well you gotta clap yo gurllll’sss cheeks together it makes a sound maaaan.
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by lol rRed January 10, 2019
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