A booty bitch is a bitch that is obsessed with her booty so like on most of all their photos on their camera roll is pictures of their butts.
by sally_slays July 31, 2016
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A woman who always on your case, on your back, up your ass, or up in your grill, always trying to know your business or get to know you in a very aggressive way and you ain't even together. Annoying girl with no boundaries or qualms.
Why does Felicia have to make a point to know my whereabouts? Yesterday, she just showed up at my house. I've never told her my address or invited her.
Good thing, too, she sound like a booty bitch.
by Livi_Lamar April 26, 2015
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Exclamation for a girl who is lit but also has a fat ass.
Hey there Big Booty Bitch

Milly to Jenni: oh my gosh look at Maureen, she's such a Big Booty Bitch
by PrizetheLoud November 30, 2017
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Sexualy appealing girls that posses that large, fat bottom. The one they may shake to make all the boys go wild.
Those fat booty bitches have quite a bottom to show. They shakes it wildly, attracting many males in excitment, filling them with despair and sexual frustration.
by TheJewWhoGivesChildrenSexTalks September 21, 2014
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The greatest song of all time, created by two guys, the one on the turntables is hyperactive as hell, and the other dances like Carlton from "The Fresh Prince", and is dressed up like he just got out of church. Oh Lawd!
by XxIDR3AMZxX June 11, 2010
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