When a ratchet girl dont know how to clean herself and she dont be fresh.
"Damn! Did you smell Rholanda yestaday? She was nast as hell! She got that Booty Stank!"
by Booty Stank May 13, 2014
Either the literal stank of one’s asshole or the negative vibes that one gives off, thereby ruining the steez of another individual
Lunk: My dad fucking left me
Rick: Aye yung bruh why yo booty stank?
by lakehoodfaithful41 July 28, 2020
The rank smell of an unclean ass; usually from poor wiping habits.
I bent Kendra over last night and she had severe booty stank. I told her she needs to learn how to use wet wipes after she takes a shit.
by Danmiller369 September 26, 2019
A term brookville kids use to say someone stinks and needs to clean their ass ❗️

Boy- oOh her boOty stank
by Bootystank0102 October 29, 2019
1. a colloquialism expressing disdain for the excessively rude, disrespectful, or less than attractive personality traits of an otherwise physically attractive or desirable person.
> Oh, girl! He is fine. I should go give him my number.
> Don't even waste your time, cus his booty stank. He'll hit it and quit it, and ghost you with the quickness. Then have the audacity to call you thirsty for trying to follow up with his sorry ass.

> Ugh! Ain't nobody got time for that!
by Kray Zaay August 2, 2017
used as an expression when a girl has a nice juicy ass but it stinks like hell or it can mean when a girl has a nice juicy ass but shes from Korea and has gonorrhea
This is when a bitch is rude and disrefuckingspectful.
Shaquala: Yo Precious Keisha is a motha fuckin bitch.

Precious: What did she do?
Shaquala: Her booty stank. She mad rude and she always so fucking salty.
by bobbyflays September 1, 2015