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a very rich neighborhood on long island. this comunity is also connected to Jericho or as some people know it as "Japicho". it is probably the most rich town of long island. eveybody thinks that they are celebrities. brookville/jericho/old westbury is like the hollywood/beverly hills of new york. its where everybody wants to be. the houses are never under 3 million and the houses that are under are being ripped to shreds. if u go to jericho skools u will be an outcast if u dont were abercrombie, jusicy, so low, tifiny, gucci, dior and sooo much more. we are so rich we had an epidemic of crime for the whole summer.

i live in brookville/old westbury and i have a mercedes sl 500, an escalade and a lexus suv
Brookville/Japicho/old westbury is the most jappyest place in New york
by filthy rich persian girl June 18, 2006
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1.n. Brookville, Pennsylvania: Located in Jefferson County between Clarion and DuBois.

aka, the hellhole of Pennsylvania!
Ex: "Holy s#|+! I'm moving to Brookville!! No!!"
by Zikku June 21, 2006
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