Boomer-Remover, AKA coronavirus. The boomer Remover does exactly what it says. IYKTYK
Boomer: I hope boomer-remover goes away soon...
Person: HAH! do you really think so?
by Anonymousperson2906 May 26, 2020
More accurate title for the COVID-19 Virus
Person 1: the elderly are at a higher risk of dieing from Corona.
Person 2: Guess you could say it's the Boomer remover
by Zero Fool March 15, 2020
A fun filled term used by younger generations to describe Covid-19. A pandemic that seems to target the weak, specifically older more frail individuals.
The Boomer Remover sure is wiping out the retirement homes.
by The Last Honest Democrat on Ea December 18, 2020
So what if I'll get ill, I'm too young to die from Boomer Remover
by 5ektum March 16, 2020