What Millennials and Gen-Z call COVID-19. It is more dangerous to old people (boomers) than to Gen-Z and Millennials so that's why it's called boomer remover.
Boomer: I have fucking Covid-19

Millennials: You mean Boomer Remover?
by destroyer of boomers May 20, 2020
The “Boomer Remover” is also used as a nickname for the coronavirus/Covid-19. The reason it is named this is because it is worst affecting people aged 55+, and boomers are aged 55-75
Hey, are you ok? You don’t seem too well. Maybe you caught the Boomer Remover while you were in china?
by peneupmybootyhole69 March 16, 2020
The Corronavirus, COVI-19, is a virus that originated from Wuhan,China. The virus can infect younger adults and children yet they show no symptoms. The virus does and most kills those who qualify as a Boomer. In this case the Corronavirus is called Boomer Remover because it kills all the fucking Boomers.
Bro... I heard your grandma got Boomer Remover suck to hear man
by St.Chrome March 13, 2020
what millennial’s and gen z call boomers (baby boomers generation) with the coronavirus (covid-19)
the boomer remover is in PA
by nohomothe March 14, 2020
Another way to refer to one of the consequences of the coronavirus
Tom: This virus affects older people.
Judy: I know, its like a boomer remover .
Tom: Don't say, we all know someone older.
Judy: Sorry
by PlsGooby March 15, 2020
A stupid, selfish individual who deliberately ignores health directives meant to keep the general population safe from getting infected by the COVID-19 virus known to be more deadly for individuals over 70 years old (someone from the Boomer Generation).
At a restaurant: See that boy not coughing into his elbow? He's gonna be a boomer remover if a granny sits in that booth tomorrow.
by auggydoggy March 24, 2020
A nickname millennials use for coronavirus, as it is especially dangerous to elderly people with weak lungs and immune systems
Person: “The world will be a much better place once boomer remover has done its job
by MasterOogway March 12, 2020