derived from that sloppy wet hitting the back of the throat oral that’s makes your nose run...boogerhead!!
Oh, she’s got that good good, that Boogerhead!!
by Cmd469 September 7, 2019
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Someone who breaks your pen and is dumb
Carson broke my wax pen he’s such a boogerhead
by Carsonsaboogerhead February 5, 2019
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A alternate word to use instead of cussing
Insult meaning mean person, bitch, asshole
Also spelt Booger Head
Incorrect: My dog is boogerhead, not male!
Correct: He was being such a boogerhead to me.
Incorrect: Stop boogerheading me, etc
by SakuraSaku October 26, 2007
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A term used for someone who's head is so stuffed with snot that they aren't thinking clearly.
I often call my fiance a boogerhead because he says and does silly things.
by Jessica W. April 14, 2006
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A terrible word for a young child to say, which is worse than the expletive F bomb, according to some.
Child to Mother: You're a boogerhead.
Child to Father: F Bomb. F Bomb.
Mother to Father: Boogerhead is worse than F Bomb.
by Boogerhead07 September 21, 2010
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