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The Booch refers to the combination of both Balls and Gooch. Whilst getting a Blow-Jizzle this is an area, that when combined and payed serious attention to, can be a game changer. This is the difference between your run of the mill Standard Sally and your 10 out of 10 cum guzzler. Mouth, hand and digit can all be applied to this region, however beware, ones anoos is only a stones throw away.
Girl: "How do you want me to nosh you off?"
Boy: "Pretty much anything is good, just make sure you pay due attention to my booch! I said booch, thats balls and gooch bitch"
by Boochos Gali November 04, 2011
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a bitch and a douche (but somehow less derogatory)
You are such a booch!
Quit acting like a booch!
Hey, booch. What's up?
That was a booch move!
You guys are all booches!
by alfe October 31, 2011
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A universal word that can mean anything and everything. It can be used as an adjective, a noun, even the name of a person. It can also be used to describe the quality of a situation, whether it's good or bad, it really doesn't matter. It can replace any word of profanity and insult.
1. Lame bro, that was booch...
2. DUDE!!! How boochin' awesome was that!?
3. WTF? That girl was such a booch.
4. Hey booch.
by WyD May 07, 2005
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"Bitch don`t make me smack you"
"Booch don`t make me smack you"
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Derived from the word Bitch, originally used as a Derogatory word for a woman, now used to describe a cute girl or female friend or companion. can also mean "girlfriend"
1)if you saw a hot girl in a club u'd say: wassup BOOCH = wassup GIRL 2)Thats my BOOCH = thats my GIRLFRIEND
3)Those BOOCHES look cute = those GIRLS look cute
by YaYBoY March 29, 2006
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booch is an adjective used in conversation to describe all excellent things. It can also be an answer to a question if someone wanted to know if a certain thing was booch quality or not.
Dude, that game was booch.
dude 1: 'play some disc golf?'
dude 2: 'booch.'
dude 1 (in agreement): 'booch.'
by Shawn Kennedy April 02, 2004
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