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The boobee squirted me in my sleep, then buzzed away.
by Fat Washington November 11, 2003
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Someone that really makes you happy and is important to you like a family member, someone you really love.
Derek is my boobee!
Ikr he's so awesome!
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Not to be confused with its close relative (Boobie - relating to the fleshy sacks of love lying on the chestal region) but rather indicative of the milk-producing bee, the boobee, living in the coastal to inner regions of queensland. This bee produces milk through the inner milk glands, and secretes the liquid through its small bee titties. This dairy product is favourable as many yoghurts and cheeses.
MMM mmmm get me some of the boobee milk fresh from its little bee titties.

City Slicker: Hey man where'd you get that fresh squeezed milk? I dont see know cows round these parts?
Farmer: Boobees you idiot, freshly squeezed from their little bee titties.
City Slicker: OI! stop hogging the milk you grease ball
by cccaaaaambooooooooo April 27, 2009
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