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When you forget to put your phone on lock before shoving it into your bra, your boobs will dial numbers every time you move them.
-My Phone Was Vibrating Throughout The Whole Math Class!

*Takes out phone from bra*

--Who Was Calling You?

-No One!I Was Boob Dialing The Whole Time!I Forgot To Lock It!
by Giardino♥ October 16, 2009
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N. Boob dialing occurs when one has one's cell phone very close to one's boobs, and when one (or perhaps both) boob/s manage to hit "send" and therefore dials someone's number. Akin to butt dialing, except with the boob/s instead. Considerations: Perhaps someone has thoughts on joining these two works to create just one, "boobdialing".
"Mom, why do you have all these missed calls? Have you been boob dialing people again?!"
by Lexiconlover September 22, 2014
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