getting really pissed around the time of hallowen in the south of Ireland ie Stradbally.
Sean: OMG getting so bombed out in the village saturday night!

Caroline: Sorry cant go with babysitting parentals r gone out!
by seany101 October 27, 2009
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Another expression I made up from listening to too much hip-hop and use a lot. It means pretty much the same as "amazing", "cool", or "bomb-ass", but I mostly use it for describing sexual matters.
He's got bombed-out skills in bed....or that dick is bombed out.
by miss m June 14, 2003
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To blow a smelly fart with an audience.
Man I just bombed out my wife with that fart!
by Emt974 December 17, 2019
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v.i. to become extremely high
Hey, wanna hang out after work? We can bomb out.
by __steena February 11, 2010
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Those sunglasses are bomb out! You have to get them.

Wouldn't a snow day during finals be the perfect bomb out?!


you got an A? Bomb out!
by miss elis March 31, 2008
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This is when you are having un-protected sex with a lady, and right when you are supposed to pull out you scream "ALLAHU AKBAR!" and cum inside of her.
My buddy Ben was born because his dad pull out bombed a hooker
by Bragin the Dragon April 27, 2015
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When you’re drank so much alcohol that you've become a liability to all of your friends.
Look at kev over there lads he’s bombed out of it. Can’t even stand.
by WaBeep May 16, 2022
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