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An american automobile pre-1954, usually of round or curvy bodystyle. A bomba is usually refered to as a lowrider. bomba is spanish for bomb, like the ones found in old cartoons, sphere bomb.
Look at them homeboys hitting the switches on that 39' bomba.
by sdcustoms November 20, 2005
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A girl is really hot, like shit damn look at that Bomba. A very attractive women
Helena is a real Bomba.
by malajeBomba February 26, 2008
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To pull a bomba is to smoke marijuana by yourself in honor of someone who you would like to smoke with.
Origin: Twitter.
Dude, if it wasn't snowing I'd totally come smoke with you.
Don't worry bro, I'll just pull a bomba.
by Reveriexxlove February 07, 2011
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