Bomb It: (verb) The action in which one goes real fast and real hard without any care for style, freshness, steez, etc. If you're gonna bomb it you just fucking do it.
"Dude I'm thinking about a melon or a nosegrab on this next hip"

"Yeah bro I might try a backside one grab or whatever"

"Fuck that dude just fucking do it. But if you do go for the backside one start switch that would be easier cause you wont land fakie."

"Ok Dude I'll just fucking bomb that shit then"

"Yeah man just fucking bomb it!"

by Scott Patterson January 31, 2008
Cool, awesome, good, amazing, it describes anything that is amazing
That cake was too bomb!
by Swaggie0101 February 19, 2014

To fail spectacularly.
The team was predicted to bomb in the playoffs and it came true; they failed to win a single game.

The actor totally bombed, he was booed off stage by the crowd.
by daquanqm August 13, 2008
To get socked in the face on short notice from close range
Did you see the fight yester day at school Bryan bombed on Charles and broke his nose
by Bryan K Bradley February 5, 2010
A phrase that is used to show something is really cool. Exceptionally good to use while in an airport.
Man, this airport is THE BOMB!!!
by firewall July 3, 2015
To totally fuck up something that is really important, such as a test. It is a common practice to laugh it up with somebody else who also bombed.
John: What did you think of that biology test?
Gerald: I totally fucking bombed it.
John: Really? Me too! *High fives*
by Royal Fuck Up September 15, 2011