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1. An expression used in regards to realisation of errors, or intended to annoy others due to it's purposeful misinterpretation of the subject matter.

2. A written reply to a Dad Joke
Who wants beetroot?
-Can't beat a good WHAT??

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by CobbaBloke January 02, 2019
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Solarpunk is a movement focused on a positive, ecological vision for a future where technology is used for human-centric and ecocentric purposes. It is a literary, artistic and aesthetic sub-genre and is also closely tied to eco-political activism. Solarpunk narratives have a distinctly positive and utopian foundation in contrast to the often dystopian visions found within other "punk" science fiction genres.
Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
by wix99 September 20, 2016
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Speicies in the furry community that is part Wolf and part Bunny. speicies made up by "Oasis the Bolf"

they look like wolves, but are somewhat smaller and have curly fluffy tails and huge ears
did you hear about the new speicies?

you mean bolf?

yes! i think they are adorable!
by Oasis The Bolf April 16, 2020
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can be pronounced bolf
this refers to Bitch Others'd Like to Fuck
this pretty much means a mean girl with a bad personality, but she's attractive and/or popular, therefore she makes people want to sleep with her.

Or, it can be any random girl that may or may not be attractive and have a good personality, but people want to sleep with her anyway just because they're horny and she's there.
1. Man, that girl Jenna is so mean to people she doesn't even know. Her personality is just jank!
I'd still fuck her, though! She's hot! Definately a B.O.L.F.

2. Last night, he was so drunk that he totally had sex with that B.O.L.F. just because she was drunk, too! Any regrets, I wonder?
by PrincessR November 26, 2009
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Noun, pronounced bawlf

An elegant game combing features of the traditional game of golf and elements of bowling. In this 9 hole game, the !bolfer hit from the tee. The player can hit the ball again from the spot where it lands, or pick up the ball manually and toss it in an underhanded, bowling like motion to a better spot. For each hole, the player tallies the number of hits with the club and !bolf tosses.

To move the game along, !bolfers can also take one Long Ride Carrying Ball (LRCB) per hole.

Ultimately getting the ball in the hole with the club is not essential.

!Bolfers must respect the rules of golf that make a difference for others on the course, such as yelling fore, taking care of the sand and all other golf courtesies.

A point of !bolf is to thoroughly enjoy a few hours on the course without the performance pressure and occasional frustration caused by the more rigid rules of traditional golf.

The exclamation point is used in front of the word to signal the extreme enthusiasm for the game by people who didn't previously golf.
Mary and Alice spent the day on the golf course !bolfing. As !bolfers, they enjoy the being out on the course, having fun and moving the ball along efficiently by a variety of means.
by !bolf founder September 03, 2009
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Incompetant fool or someone with a tendency to let others down.
Mate, stop being such a bolf and come out for a lash up.
by Bison July 16, 2004
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